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How To Save Time On Your Job Search

Many of us feel burnt out in our job searches because the pandemic has taken its toll on us, both personally and professionally. So now more than ever, we need job search strategies that are more efficient, effective, and streamlined - and one such strategy is a highly focused resume.

Job seekers often want their resume to appeal to many different kinds of roles or employers. After all, it’s better to be open to lots of different options, right?

Unfortunately, this strategy can be a huge time waster because its focus is too broad.

Like a business owner who spends time and energy advertising to everybody, you become relevant to almost nobody. As a result, you end up applying to more jobs than is really necessary and you receive fewer call-backs, all because your resume lacks a specific focus.

Is there a better way?

Well, it may seem counterintuitive, but sending fewer applications using a more focused resume actually saves you time. Like a business owner who advertises to a niche market of customers and tailors their message to that audience, you become immediately relevant to employers. Why? Because they can quickly discern from your resume why you are a good fit for them. Your focused marketing campaign saves time and energy because it is more efficient and effective.

So the question becomes: how can you transform your resume into a focused advertisement? Allow me to share just four strategies that work for most resumes:

1. Clarify your target

If you aren’t already clear on this, you could benefit from having your skills, strengths, ideal working conditions, and career goals assessed by a career professional. Doing some career assessment work up front will actually save you time in your job search because it will clarify who you want to work for and which roles are a good fit for you.

Without that clarity, you will likely waste time overhauling your resume to suit radically different roles and employers. Or worse, you’ll leap into a job that isn’t a good fit for you, and then you are back to square one.