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Coaching Testimonials

Coaching Testimonials
Susan Sutherland-min_edited.jpg

"Prior to Thomas, I had seen counselors who would push their own ideas on me for what direction my life should take, but Thomas was different. He understood my needs and made helpful suggestions for reaching the goals I had made for the appointment. I would highly recommend him as a career counselor." (April 2013)

Rocco Rosa_edited.jpg

"Thomas worked with my son on identifying his likes and strengths and developed a great plan for him to follow, including all the information he needed to apply to the programs he liked. I would strongly recommend Thomas to anyone who has children that are trying to decide their future path." (Sept 2015)

Joshua Gordon-min.jpg

"I chose to hire Thomas because he demonstrated that he had my best interests at heart and he showed me a path I could believe in. My experience with Thomas was excellent. My expectations were exceeded. I received what I wanted and more. All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend him." (March 2014)

Ashutosh Sharma-min.jpg

"I highly recommend Thomas Rauchenstein’s services to anyone seeking a career change or new employment. I was searching for someone with superior soft and hard career skills, real listening abilities and knowledge of action planning, and I have to say, I was extremely fortunate to find Thomas. He does an excellent job of helping you to map out your career journey, assess your values and needs, showcase the skills you already have, and provide you with tangible, actionable tools for jump-starting your short-term and long-term career path. I wish Thomas all continued success and commend him for being so genuinely passionate about his work." (April 2018)

Chris Jenson-min.jpg

"I reached out to Thomas during some major decisions with regards to my career. When I contacted him he was very approachable and willing to listen. We set up an appointment to meet to talk further in person about managing my career. When we met Thomas was very professional and relaxed. This made me feel comfortable to talk. Thomas reviewed my options and provided some very practical suggestions and techniques for my interview as well as coming up with questions to ask for my benefit during the interview. I used these techniques and suggestions and was successful at obtaining a position at my new place of work. Thanks Thomas for your expertise and suggestions. Highly recommended!" (May 2018)

Tamie Parker Song-min.jpg

"Several years back I was feeling lost. I couldn't imagine creating a long-term, sustainable life for myself. In that place, I connected with Thomas. He walked me through several exercises to help me figure out what I have to offer the world, in ways that didn't feel gimmicky or cheesy. Thomas showed up from an authentic human-to-human place, offering me hope and concrete ideas about where I might go next. After talking to Thomas, I emerged with a much deeper trust that my life might actually be about more than I had thought, and I've carried that trust with me these years. Those conversations played no small part in my eventual decision to become a therapist, a path I'm now on." (Oct 2019)

Nathan Tjeerdsma-min.jpg

"Thomas has a great understanding of the career searching process. He not only gives you the tools to explore the job market, but also to learn things about yourself that you didn't know before. Above all, he gives you the self confidence you need to make informed decisions and take action towards your goals. I highly recommend his service to anyone exploring any type of career option." (Oct 2019)

Becky Pater-min.jpg

"Meeting with Thomas was exactly what I needed to send me in the right direction. He took the time to listen to exactly where I was at to ensure that the time we spent together was valuable (which ended in me landing an amazing job). He went above and beyond all my hopes and expectations and I seriously can't recommend him enough!" (Jan 2019)

Alexandra Phillips-min.jpg

"Thomas is extremely knowledgeable in the many different emerging job fronts! He is easy to talk to and very personable. Before starting this journey I felt very alone in my career search and now I know there is someone on my side who wants to see me succeed. Thank you!!" (Nov 2019)

Jim Mallory-min.jpg

"I highly recommend Thomas' services. You have the opportunity to customize what you want to achieve. It truly is an investment in yourself. My work with Thomas really brought attention to my accomplishments, what my value is, and most of all how to present it to employers in resumes and interviews. And the good news is, I landed a new job! In all, Thomas is knowledgeable, has a direct vision, and he articulates that vision so you can believe in it yourself!" (March 2020)


Quality Planning Specialist

"Exploring my ‘career self’ wasn’t something I knew how to do before sitting down with Thomas. I had been stuck doing ineffective job searches that yielded uninspiring results. Thomas' guidance helped me understand what to look for in a career by methodically analyzing my goals, skills, strengths and values. On top of that, he taught me where to look for good career matches, which was immensely helpful. I would recommend Thomas's methodology to anyone interested in deepening their career satisfaction." (Feb 2019)

Sandy Halloran-min.jpg

"With Thomas’ coaching I was able to transcend the confusion and lack of clarity I had around my work life and career. Not only did he help me face some difficult realities but he helped me to see my value and to honour my strengths and abilities. With the help of the many resources he provided I feel my resume now reflects the best of me and I am confident about my ability to handle interviews and the job search process. Thanks Thomas!" (Nov 2019)

Brent Downey-min.jpg

"Working with Thomas has been a positive educational experience for me. I have learned skills and behaviours that will aid me in finding work that can be transferred to other areas in my life both personal and professional. Thomas is a well spoken and very educated man in his field. He is certainly the type of person that has the patience to help and even more he is willing and able to help in the best of his abilities. Awesome work and would definitely keep in touch. Cheers!" (Dec 2019)

Maria Kilts-min.jpg

"I had the pleasure of working with Thomas when I was ready to make a career change shortly after moving to Guelph.  At that time, I landed an interview at a great company and was very nervous about it. But reaching out to Thomas for help was one of the wisest investments I have made for myself. I walked into that interview full of confidence thanks to his insights and his ability to fine tune my interviewing skills. Needless to say, I nailed the interview and landed my dream job!" (April 2017)

Christel Gordon-min.jpg

"I had one session with Thomas before my first ever job interview, and I am so happy I did. Not having any idea what to expect in an interview, meeting with Thomas not only made me feel a lot more relaxed and equipped, but also, more confident in myself and my abilities, an incredibly valuable trait that employers want in an employee! I would not have the job I have today, if I hadn’t gone to Thomas. If you are job hunting, do yourself a favour and book a session!" (Jan 2018)

Nate Lessnick-min.jpg

"After 8 years of working for a boutique travel company, COVID-19 hit and I found myself laid off. I reached out to Thomas and after an initial conversation I could tell he understood my needs. He provided some very helpful tips on customizing my resume, targeting companies on LinkedIn, and navigating the interview process. Now I find myself in the fantastic position of having to decide between a few different job offers! So thank you Thomas!" (May 2020)

Colin Griffioen-min.jpg

"Coming to the end of my university career, it was incredibly helpful meeting with Thomas to look at my work goals, values, skills, and interests entering the job market. Meeting with Thomas helped me to find current opportunities that I hadn't previously considered and gave me the tools to continue analyzing my career goals in the future. I would highly recommend Thomas for anyone looking to establish career goals." (Feb 2020)

Kevin Latam-min.jpg

"Working with Thomas to create a resume was a great experience. He is very knowledgeable with what it takes to have a resume and application stand out." (Nov 2018)

Gabriel Ho-min.jpg

Gabriel Ho, Defensive Driving Instructor

"Thomas used his expertise to help assess and clarify my career options and further enhance my current career goals. With Thomas' skills, I've become more productive and mindful in the way I teach my clients. If you are seeking some guidance and encouragement in your career journey, I highly recommend Thomas as a coach. His insights continue to pay dividends in my life. Thank you Thomas!" (June 2016)

Amir Soozandehfar-min.jpg

"During the summer of 2020, I was having difficulty finding a job in the medical field because of the uncertainty created by the pandemic. Fortunately, Thomas was able to create a mission on my resume so that I could be more specific in my job search, and he gave me instructions on how to access to the hidden job market in Canada. As a result, I was hired as a Pharmacy Technical Assistant by the end of August 2020. Thank you, Thomas, for all your support and useful tips!" (August 2020)

Emily Lupton-min.jpg

"Thomas's career coaching was extremely helpful while job searching. I was able to learn interview techniques and how to write an effective resume. I would highly recommend Thomas as a career coach because he goes above and beyond to help you succeed!" (March 2021)


Family Services Manager

"I reached out to Thomas struggling with confidence and motivation in my job search, but I’m so glad I did. He showed me how to optimize my resume, apply to hidden job opportunities, and find the confidence I needed to truly showcase my skills in interviews. He went above and beyond to tailor his approach to my needs, and for that I highly recommend him." (Oct 2021)

Dominik Krill-min.jpg

"I came to Thomas feeling a bit lost in my job search. Thankfully, by meeting with him, I found the direction I needed. After reviewing my resume, cover letter, and networking skills with Thomas, I ended up landing a job offer that I don’t even think was advertised! Networking directly with small and local operations employers was key to my getting the offer that I was looking for, and I have Thomas to thank for pointing me in that direction." (June 2018)

Allison Kent-min.jpg

"Thomas was great to work with. He is organized, knowledgeable, and provided lots of great resources. He was very helpful with interview prep and understanding the job market." (Jan 2020)


Non-Profit Marketing Manager

"I contacted Thomas feeling exhausted from my current position. I had a desire to change career paths but was unsure about which direction to take. Thomas’ career clarity sessions were instrumental in helping me to better understand my strengths, the impacts I wanted to make on society, and the career opportunities that aligned with my goals. Thomas’ approach was creative and well-structured, and I definitely recommend his services." (Sept 2022)

Neal Campbell-min.jpg

"My job was stressing me out due to a lack of work-life balance, but by working with a career coach, I was able to find a more suitable role in an organization that aligned with my values in the environmental sector. Due in part to Thomas’ help, I was able to negotiate a higher salary than was initially offered, and I’m now looking forward to an exciting new job in the next season of my life." (July 2022)

Tasmia Kabir-min_edited.jpg

"Before I met Thomas, I struggled to improve my job situation because of how uncertain I felt in networking and job interview situations. I needed guidance on how to present myself well, and that is what Thomas helped me with. He taught me how to showcase my skills, in writing, but especially in interviews. And as a result of the guidelines I received from him, I was successful in getting a promotion within my organization." (April 2023)

Corey Sleep-min.jpg

"Back in 2018, I met with Thomas to think about my future. Taking a look at my personality and strengths, he helped me to understand why I’d do well with a flexible schedule, working 1-on-1 with people, all in a way that worked with my intellectual interests. He also helped me spruce up my resume and gave me tips for interviews. All of that led to my decision to become a psychotherapist, which I’m nearly qualified for. I've been more and more certain that this is the work for me. My sessions with Thomas were super helpful — I definitely recommend his services!" (Jan 2023)


John S,
I.T. Analyst

"With the help of Thomas’ Career Clarity Program, I was able to identify the type of work that energizes me. The program provided me with definable goals, achievable milestones, and fresh insights about myself. Most importantly, it gave me a compass that I can now use to chart a better future for myself! Overall, I would recommend the program to anyone who feels dissatisfied with their job and wants to figure out what ‘next’ looks like. It may not change everything overnight, but you will know what direction to move in, and that’s the most important thing!" (Feb 2023)

Sophie Clark-min_edited.jpg

"I worked with Thomas to gain more clarity about career direction during a period of transition in winter of 2022-2023. I found the activities and assignments he worked on with me to be helpful and interesting, and Thomas was a great supporter throughout. He is also super receptive to feedback and suggestions in an effort to make his services better for clients. I am in a better career place now and have been referencing some of the clarifying work we did together as I move forward." (Aug 2023)



"Meeting Thomas in May 2021 was an important step in my career journey. My goal was to secure better work experience after graduation, and his Career Clarity Program helped me to formulate a concise summary of my career needs and preferences. This process reassured me that Accounting was a viable career option for me. Subsequently, I discovered an Ontario-based accounting firm that aligned with my needs, and I secured a position within days, surpassing my expectations. I wholeheartedly endorse Thomas' coaching because his ability to help me gain self-knowledge prepared me to take the ideal next step." (Sept 2023)

Silas Wong-min.jpg

"Thomas helped me to figure out what my actual career goals are and showed me how to navigate towards those goals step by step, without specifically telling me what I want, but coaching me to externalize my needs and goals to myself. His resources really helped me to think deeply about the difference between what I am capable of vs. what I dream of and what is life-giving. I now feel more equipped to pursue my career goals confidently, even thought it may take an adjustment to the ways that I go about it. I highly recommend Thomas' services to anyone who is preparing for a career or currently grappling with their career fit." (Dec 2023)

Liam Fox-min.jpg

Liam, Outside Sales Representative

"While seeking guidance to improve my job interview skills, I turned to Thomas for just two training sessions, and it was a transformative experience for me. Our discussions had a positive impact, not just on my job interview skills but on other aspects of my life. Thomas helped me understand how to present myself confidently and identify the right employers to work for during the interview process. Now, I am employed at a large company with plenty of learning opportunities and great colleagues. Thanks to Thomas for his invaluable support. I highly recommend his services." (Jan 2024)

Trishia Mackenzie-min.jpg

"Working with Thomas was great and his perspective on each step in the job search process was very informative. He understood my situation and adapted his coaching to meet my requirements and learning style. I highly recommend his services and am appreciative of his support during a time of transition." (Feb 2024)

Previous Coaching Roles

Previous coaching roles

Tanja Gancevich-min.jpg

"Thomas captured the attention of people by sharing stories, infusing humor and incorporating wittiness and sensitivity into the workshops he delivered at the Conestoga Career Center. Thank you for your professional approach in delivering your specialty areas Thomas." (March 2015)


"Thomas demonstrated competence and patience while coaching clients in the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers program. He provided excellent client support in one-on-one consultations with clients. I highly recommend Thomas for a career advising role." (Feb 2014)

dena honig-min.jpg

"Thomas advised students with respect and dedication. He used listening skills to put students at ease and he supported a successful advising relationship with them. Thomas learned quickly about university resources and was successful in referring students to appropriate services." (April 2013)

Speaking Endorsements

Speaking Endorsements

Helen Fishburn-min_edited.jpg

"Thomas’ personal story is incredibly powerful. With his permission, I shared it on video with 450 staff who work at CMHA Waterloo Wellington, because I knew how much it would resonate and motivate our staff in their ongoing support of people with mental health and addiction issues. Thomas’ courage, resilience and vulnerability in sharing his story truly touched and moved us deeply. With all the darkness in our world right now, Thomas is a beacon of light and hope for us all." (Sept 2022)

Michelle Bartlett-min_edited.jpg

"I had the pleasure of working with Thomas during the development of a public exhibit at McDougall Cottage Historic Site in Cambridge Ontario. The exhibit features the stories of courageous people in the community who have demonstrated strength and resilience in their lives. When Thomas came to speak, he was prepared, composed and articulate in recounting his personal journey through adversity, and he left us all feeling inspired to be resilient in our own lives. Overall, my experience of working with Thomas was both pleasant and productive, and I would highly recommend him as a speaker." (Aug 2022)

Alex De Medeiros - Marketing Assistant - Toronto Jobs-min_edited.jpg

"As the Marketing Assistant at, our team reached out to Thomas to speak at our virtual career conference with the goal of connecting job seekers, career coaches, and employers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thomas spoke to an audience of hundreds of conference attendees and I’m so glad we invited him. His talk was engaging, credible, and well-prepared, and his tips on how to access the hidden job market were especially helpful. I would definitely recommend Thomas as a conference speaker." (April 2021)

Brian Bulger-min.jpg

Brian Bulger, 12 Step Program Director

"Thomas has been a huge asset to our 12-Step recovery community. Over the past 3 years, Thomas has spoken to 370 of our attendees struggling with their own hurts, addictive habits and hang-ups, and each time, he has left us feeling inspired to grow and change. It is not uncommon for attendees to approach me after Thomas speaks to comment on how he has benefited them personally. So I'd wholeheartedly endorse Thomas to speak to any group, gathering, or organization seeking lasting change in their community." (Jan 2018)

Tom Hammond-min.jpg

"As the Executive Director of a community health organization, we hired Thomas to speak to a large group of our service users about overcoming the barriers of shame they face due to internalized stigma. Not only did Thomas provide expert advice, he also spoke with confidence and authenticity, drawing from his own story to provide our clients with empowerment opportunities and strategies for moving forward. Thomas was a pleasure to work with and I'd definitely recommend him as a speaker." (Sept 2018) 

John Meagher-min.jpg

"As a professional in the field of social work, I found Thomas’ emotional health training to be very helpful and timely with regards to my own journey. His talks on managing fear, anger, shame, and perfectionism are especially helpful for community leaders and helping professionals who themselves need support as they give a lot to others. Overall, I would highly recommend Thomas to any community group or non-profit organization seeking to be happier and healthier in what they do. You won’t want to miss out!" (Jan 2018)

Graham Watt-min.jpg

"I invited Thomas to be a Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator at three of our national conferences in Toronto, attended by over 1000 university students. On each occasion, I was impressed with his ability to help students overcome feelings of fear, anger, shame, and perfectionism. His authenticity, courage, and genuine concern for students are inspiring and I’d highly recommend him to any organization interested in the training he provides." (Jan 2018)

David Root-min.jpg

"I have had the pleasure of seeing Thomas present his seminars many times, and find them to be very clear, insightful and motivating. His content encourages people to transform their lives, and is both profound and pragmatic. If you’re looking for a speaker on emotional intelligence at your next conference or event, you won’t be disappointed if you hired Thomas!" (Jan 2018)

Krystle Morris-min.jpg

"In a time when I was unsure of my identity, and how to deal with the perfectionism that robbed me for so long, I heard Thomas speak about overcoming shame. It was the key that opened the door for me to begin my journey to experiencing victory in my life again. It has been over 3 years since that seminar, and I credit it for sparking the change in my life that I so craved – one that has brought me to a place of peace, confidence, and joy." (Jan 2018)

brady wilson-min.jpg

"Thomas has done what we all yearned for but never thought possible: to talk about our shame without feeling ashamed." (April 2016)

Todd McCallum-min.jpg

"Great content! I found Thomas’ training to be a great way to enhance overall relationships!" (May 2016)

Peter Wedel-min.jpg

"I appreciated Thomas’ ability to articulate himself. His explanation of how shame cycles work was especially helpful." (Oct 2014)

bruce graham-min.jpg

"Thomas helped me see the ways in which perfectionism was evident in my life and how it impacted my belief system. I used to be very reluctant to make decisions because I never wanted to make a mistake. I had to be 100% sure the decision was right. Now, I no longer have that problem. There is no doubt in my mind that others will personally benefit from Thomas’s training as I did." (Jan 2018)

Bryan Brubacher-min.jpg

"Thomas’ heart and passion for people and their well-being are immediately evident when he speaks. As a youth leader and mentor myself, I had the pleasure of seeing Thomas relate to 70 young people on the topic of emotional health and his insightful strategies for dealing with anger, fear and shame. I’d definitely recommend him to any student group interested in pursuing emotional and mental well-being." (June 2015)

Holly Ziedins-min.jpg

"I found Thomas to be well informed and relatable. He engaged the participants while validating interactivity…and I greatly valued his personal examples and vast knowledge." (May 2016)

Sarah Stradiotto_edited.jpg

"I wholeheartedly endorse Thomas as a speaker and teacher. It was an absolute pleasure to have him on board as an Emotional Health and Career Skills facilitator for the Upper Grand District School Board. I made it a point to regularly review his performance, and the feedback from attendees was consistently positive. They praised his enthusiasm as a teacher, his organizational skills, deep knowledge, and his knack for presenting complex content in an easily understandable way. So for those reasons, I highly recommend him!" (July 2023)

White Elegant Minimalistic Background Tw

“During my 6-year tenure as a nonreligious chaplain on the Multi-Faith Resource Team at the University of Guelph, I dedicated myself to guiding students toward life-enhancing values like goodness and compassion. Thomas assisted me in that endeavor when I invited him to speak on campus on the topic, "How Do We Know What We Know?" His talk was excellent. He offered us an inclusive framework for navigating life's questions and creating meaning in our lives – and his talk was so good that I asked him to speak again at the University of Waterloo, where I also served as a nonreligious chaplain with the U of W Chaplaincy Association. As a now retired chaplain who knows the challenges students face today, I recommend Thomas as a guiding voice for those seeking hope in their lives.” (Jan 2024)

international influence

International Influence
Dominic Roser-min.jpg

"Thomas has a calm, honest and self-confident way about him. He is exceptionally organized and clear in his presentation of ideas and he is very emphatic towards people of different backgrounds!  Overall, I would say that there are very few persons who have crossed my path in recent times whom I would recommend more than Thomas. I think extremely highly of him." (Oct 2012)

Simon Sav-min.jpg

Simon Sav,

PhD. Candidate,

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

"Thomas’s exceptional teaching skills, coupled with an innate ability to assess the audience’s reactions in a calm and poised way, ensured that his talks were highly organized, clear, and accessible for students at all levels. Thomas encouraged us to voice our questions inquiries, provided indispensable feedback, and created an atmosphere of appreciation for different perspectives." (Oct 2012)


"Thomas is a remarkable guy and has good communication abilities. He is an excellent teacher and has a keen interest to help students learn and to be better equipped for the life tasks they faced in the present and the future. I would hire him back in a minute." (2011)

Margot Tong-min.jpg

"I appreciate Thomas’s wisdom. He is able to engage with people from many different cultures and seeks to understand people in order to encourage them in meaningful ways. He is gracious in receiving feedback and he encourages questions related to the material he has prepared. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a valued speaker." (Oct 2012)

Ben Radcliffe-min.jpg

Benjamin Radcliffe,
Project Manager, Philadelphia, U.S.A. +

"Thomas does a great job of keeping his group on topic and asking good questions to drive the conversation forward. He brings good intelligent thought from outside sources to the conversation… and whenever I’ve had a conversation with him, I’ve always walked away feeling like something had been accomplished." (Dec 2009)

Ben Anderson-min.jpg

"Thomas, I want to thank you for your clear and accessible lectures, your highly interactive, well guided discussions, and the tutorial time you carved out for a nearly 3 hour discussion about my own struggles. That discussion was a highlight of my semester." (Nov 2012)

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