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Emotional health talks

conquering the fears that hold us back

We all struggle with fear at times, especially when our safety, status, or relationships feel threatened.  Fear can be healthy and natural, but it can also hold us back. So how can we face our fears without feeling overwhelmed?


This talk distinguishes between healthy and unhealthy fear, and teaches us how to regulate fear so that we can overcome it. By conquering our fears, we experience greater confidence in ourselves and our relationships.

Conquering The Fear That Hold Us Back-mi
resolving anger-min.jpg

resolving anger

Anger is a powerful emotion. It can be a catalyst for positive change, but anger can keep us stuck if we don't manage it well. So how do we move forward?


This talk teaches us how to manage anger by evaluating its sources and expressing it in healthy ways.  It also shows us how to harness anger as a force for good without us needing to be in control.  By changing how we relate to anger, this emotion becomes an ally – rather than an enemy – in our interactions with others.


conflict in 

your relationships

We all want healthy relationships with family, friends and coworkers.  But sometimes we create stress in those relationships by managing conflict in unhelpful ways. So how can we improve?


This talk sheds new light on conflict by providing us with effective strategies for listening, speaking, problem-solving, repairing, and boundary-setting during conflict. By using these strategies, we learn to build safe, rewarding connections that respect individual differences.

Managing Conflict in Your Relationships-
letting go of perfectionism-min.jpg

letting go of perfectionism

Do you find it difficult to tolerate failure and find satisfaction in the work that you do? Do you take constructive feedback personally or consistently invest more time and effort into completing tasks than your peers do? These are common traits in people who struggle with perfectionism.


This talk shows you how to avoid the perils of perfectionism by engaging in a healthier pursuit of excellence. It does this by uncovering the roots of perfectionism, challenging unhelpful thought-patterns, and revealing the secret to becoming more productive with less effort.


resilience in a culture of never enough

Have you ever struggled with people-pleasing, self-criticism, owning others’ problems, isolating, or avoiding vulnerability? We all have these struggles to some degree, but more often than not, they are rooted in feelings of shame. Shame is part of living in a culture that constantly tells us we are never enough, but no one really wants to talk about shame, and so it rarely gets addressed.

In this talk, Thomas ends the silence by speaking openly about his own journey and by teaching you how to construct and implement a recovery strategy from the toxic effects of false shame – freeing you to feel more known and loved.

Free To Be Me-min.jpg

Free to be me

the 5 habits of authenticity

It is hard to be true to ourselves. There is constant pressure from society, the media, family, and work to hide who we are and conform to unrealistic ideals like have it all together, look glamorous, impress your peers, be in control, or try harder to fit in. So is it any wonder that we struggle to be authentic with others?

In this talk, Thomas talks openly about his own journey of authenticity and teaches the “5 habits” that enable people to consistently show up, be seen, and be themselves in the face of pressure to do otherwise. If you can relate to this struggle or desire to help others find freedom, then you won't want to miss this talk. It will transform how you relate to yourself and others!

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