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Career Workshops

The Recipe for wise career decisions

Many job seekers make career decisions without adequate information.  They decide on a path which “feels” right, but then find themselves in an unfulfilling job with mountains of debt from years of unnecessary education. 

Thankfully, there is better approach. When it comes to career decisions, Thomas provides you with proven strategies for deepening your self-knowledge and targeting the careers that fit with who you are!  These strategies save you time and money, and ultimately lead to greater job satisfaction!

The Recipe For Wise Career Decisions-min
Matching Your Personality Type To Your D

matching your personality type to your dream career

Knowing your personality type is crucial for making wise career decisions. Unfortunately, many people take online personality tests that are unreliable, unregulated, and simply mimic the real thing. Instead, I provide you with access the official version of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® – the most thoroughly researched personality assessment in the world today!


Unlike online tests that leave you to interpret your results by yourself, I deliver interactive coaching that shows you how to use the MBTI ® to target the careers you’ll love! By attending this workshop, I provide you with an explanation of MBTI ® type theory, fun activities designed to illustrate your type preferences, and action steps for you to investigate the careers that fit with your personality!

how to write a stellar resume

Most people write their resumes from a job-seeker’s perspective by emphasizing how skilled and experienced they are. But the truth is, employers want you to reflect their perspective by emphasizing how your skills and accomplishments actually fulfill their wants and needs.

When it comes to resume writing, Thomas is committed to teaching you how to transform your resume into a stellar advertisement that appeals to employers’ aims and conveys that you are valuable to their team.  Thomas’ unique writing tips also provide you with a solid foundation for showcasing your skills at career fairs, networking events, and job interviews.

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Harnessing The Power Of LinkedIn-min.jpg

harnessing the power of linkedin for your job search

In today’s marketplace, 93% of company recruiting on social media happens through LinkedIn, the world’s largest online professional network! This means that job seekers who receive LinkedIn training are at a distinct advantage in securing jobs from potential employers.


By attending this workshop, that same advantage can be yours!  You will discover how to craft a stellar LinkedIn profile that takes your job search to the next level.  You will also learn how to connect with experts in your field of interest and access job opportunities that haven’t even been advertised yet.  By using LinkedIn in these ways, you establish a credible online presence for yourself and ensure that your best self is what employers see first!

successful job search strategies

Most job seekers only compete for advertised postings on the internet. Unfortunately, that strategy only targets 20% of the jobs that are actually out there!  To be successful, job seekers need to access the “hidden” market, the 80% of jobs which are unadvertised but which employers still need to fill.  


By attending this workshop, participants learn the secret of targeting jobs before they go public.  They also learn how to make job search preparations, articulate their skills, secure valuable referrals, and use networking techniques that really work.  By applying these tools in their lives, participants gain the competitive edge they need to stay motivated, get noticed, and get hired.

Successful Job Search Strategies-min.jpg
How To Ace And Interview-min.jpg

how to ace an interview

Interview training is like preparing for a sports event – your best performance comes from being coached on your technique beforehand. It’s no surprise, then, that people who receive training from a career professional inevitably display greater confidence, competence, and calm during their actual interviews.


By attending this workshop, these same benefits can be yours! You’ll receive professional advice on how to stay relaxed, use proper body language, and prepare effectively for interview questions. You’ll also learn the secret to creating compelling stories that advertise your skills, impress your listeners, and boost your confidence in the interview room.  By applying these workshop tips, you’ll find yourself in the driver’s seat when it comes to negotiating that next job offer!

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