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the Career clarity program

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Clarify your path, love your work!
How does the Career Clarity Program work?

Over the course of 6 sessions, I help you create a personalized comprehensive Career Portrait that tells you who you are and what you need in a career.


With your personality, skills, and needs crystal-clear, I will lead you through the ideation process to generate your top career options to market test, and then coach you through the process of networking with industry insiders in your preferred fields.


You'll end up with tangible career ideas, the skills to verify your ideas for a good fit, and the confidence to meet those with the power-to-hire!

Gain CLARITY about who you are and what you want, so you won’t be overwhelmed by all the career possibilities vying for your attention

Find the CONFIDENCE that comes from knowing how to identify career opportunities that match your skills, personality and values

Build the COURAGE you need to face your fears, knowing you are following a career discovery methodology that really works!

"Thomas has a great understanding of the career searching process....He gives you the self confidence you need to make informed decisions and take action towards your goals."

Nathan Tjeerdsma, Account Services Representative

How do I know if this program is for me?
The Career Clarity Program is for you if you know that something needs to change in your career, but you feel uncertain about where or how to begin looking for better career options
Do any of these statements describe you?
  • You know deep down that you were made for something more than what your current job offers you, but you feel stuck in your job situation
  • You feel disengaged, dissatisfied, or unchallenged in your work. You've even tried scrolling through job ads online, only to find uninspiring results
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  • You aren't in urgent need of finding a new job right away, but you do want to take proactive steps to carefully consider what other career options to pursue
  • You are open to exploring career paths outside your current company, occupation, or industry, but it's hard to know what type of work will align best with who you are.
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The Career Clarity Program is a 6-session virtual one-on-one coaching program, specially designed to help professionals, managers and executives discover new career paths that are rewarding and fulfilling for them.
It was created based on Thomas’ 10+ years of coaching experience working with clients navigating their own career transitions.

"Thomas does an excellent job of helping you to map out your career journey... and provides you with tangible, actionable tools for jump-starting your short-term and long-term career path."

Ashutosh Sharma, Manager

What's the most successful way to navigate a career change?
There are two parts to any successful career change:

1.  Getting clear about the type of work you want to do next

2.  Then targeting opportunities to do the work you want, typically by job searching, starting a business, or pursuing multiple gigs

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Unfortunately, too many career changers move straight into job searching without getting the clarity they need first.
This can lead to a downward spiral of disappointing results:
  • A confusing and inefficient job search prolonged by the fact that you aren't really sure what you want

  • Risking precious time and money preparing for a new role you aren't even sure you'll like

  • Eventually finding yourself in another unfulfilling job, and now you're back to square one

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Fortunately, you don't have to make that mistake in your next career change!
The Career Clarity Program equips you to discover the occupations that fit with who you are! This saves you time and money by enabling you to avoid false-starts and target the careers you know you’ll love.

"With Thomas’ coaching I was able to transcend the confusion and lack of clarity I had around my work life and career. Not only did he help me face some difficult realities but he helped me to see my value and to honour my strengths and abilities."

Sandy Halloran, Financial Controller

what's included in the Career Clarity program?
The Career Clarity Program moves through 3 main steps, with each step building on the others over the course of 6 sessions that we customize together.
We clarify your career options by engaging in personalized coaching sessions, card sorting activities, brainstorming games, research strategies, and mini career experiments. 
After each coaching session, you get quality, custom designed exercises that accelerate your progress toward your career clarity goals.

Here is an explanation of each step of the program in more detail:
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Clarify what you want and need in your work and career

1 Session + clarity curriculum
•  Discover the skills, working conditions, and personality needs that define fulfilling work for you.
•  Uncover the career insights, personal achievements and meaningful goals you didn't realize you had


•  Lay a solid foundation of self-knowledge that boosts your career confidence


Results - feel clear about your work needs and excited about the impacts you want to make in the world

Design testable career ideas based on your unique needs

2 Sessions + design curriculum

•  Learn creative thinking and brainstorming activities that reveal exciting new career possibilities


•  Break out of habitual ways of thinking about your career by combining new ideas in unexpected ways.


•  Transform your top ideas into designs that are ready to test in the real world.

Results - a shortlist of exciting new career prospects that you'll want to investigate further

Investigate your top ideas to verify a good fit

3 Sessions + full curriculum


•  Test the occupations you are exploring by running quick, low-risk experiments in the real world


•  Gain expert advice from industry professionals already working in the fields you are focusing on


•  Build connections with people who can accelerate your future job search


Results - your top two career prospects tested and verified, along with an action plan for your next steps 

"Thomas taught me where to look for good career matches, which was immensely helpful.... I would recommend [his] methodology to anyone interested in deepening their career satisfaction."

Quality Planning Specialist

Accelerate your progress!
Benefit from fun collaboration exercises, reflection activities, and handouts that accelerate your process of career discovery.
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Get learning tools that work!
Your take-home exercises are based on hundreds of hours of research and personalized feedback from previous coaching clients.
You will get:
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  • Customized PDFs and training videos you can access at all times

  • Step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand

  • Sample answers that help you complete exercises even faster

  • Tools that organize, summarize, and prioritize your new career insights, so you don’t get information overload

how do I benefit from this program?
The Career Clarity Program produces rapid results in 6 sessions and equips you with a toolbox of skills and benefits that keep paying dividends. 

Get quality coaching support, access to professional contacts, and a career support team that helps you reach your goals.


Feel confident knowing how to look for better options. Rest assured that you're following a career clarity method that really works.


Make real progress by testing and verifying your top career prospects, and creating an action plan for your next steps! 


Gain clarity on your career direction by basing your decisions on solid research and easy-to-learn verification techniques.


Feel more secure, knowing how to use low-risk, inexpensive experiments to verify the ideas you're interested in!


Feel excited as you investigate work prospects that energize, fulfill, and engage the skills you actually enjoy using.


Enjoy more time with family and friends in the long-term by clarifying the ideal working conditions you need to live a more balanced life.


Ensure that your next job impacts the world, the environment, and your community in a way that is deeply meaningful to you.


Reduce stress on your relationships by getting clear about the kind of work that actually supports your health and well-being.

Gain the courage you need to initiate a career change!
People who have worked with Thomas to discover new career paths:
Joshua Gordon-min.jpg

Joshua Gordon, from  Business Consultant to Book Producer

"I chose to hire Thomas because he demonstrated that he had my best interests at heart and he showed me a path I could believe in. My experience with Thomas was excellent. My expectations were exceeded. I received what I wanted and more. All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend him."

Tamie Parker Song-min.jpg

Tamie Parker Song, from Developmental Editor to Psychotherapist

"After talking to Thomas, I emerged with a much deeper trust that my life might actually be about more than I had thought, and I've carried that trust with me these years. Those conversations played no small part in my eventual decision to become a therapist, a path I'm now on."

Alexandra Phillips-min.jpg

Alexandra Phillips, from Child Support Worker to Social Worker

"Thomas is extremely knowledgeable in the many different emerging job fronts! He is easy to talk to and very personable. Before starting this journey I felt very alone in my career search and now I know there is someone on my side who wants to see me succeed. Thank you!!"

what does the program schedule look like?
The Career Clarity Program follows a results-driven schedule that we customize together to suit your specific needs and pace!

Convenient daytime and evening appointments to work around your busy schedule

Time needed in between sessions for you to complete take-home assignments

Clear and supportive communication throughout the entire 6-session program

your Career Investment
$995 CAD
Flexible payment options are available upon request
100% Money Back
I am fully confident in the value this program provides. That is why I promise to refund all of your coaching fees within the first week if you aren't completely satisfied with your progress and have completed all of your homework assignments. It's that simple!
  • What are my payment options?
    Payment typically happens in two installments: the first half due after the first session, and the second half due one month later. However, other flexible payment options can be arranged upon your request.
  • Will I be guaranteed a job at the end of the program?
    No coaching program can guarantee a job, since that also depends on you. But you are guaranteed a powerful method for gaining career clarity and the tools to make it work for you! This skyrockets your chances of finding meaningful work that aligns with your needs and values.
  • Where can I go to ask further questions?
    Feel free to fill out my contact form if you have any further questions about the program. I'd be happy to help!
  • I've had little success with career assessments. How is this program different?
    Traditional assessments are often generic and outdated. That’s why I created this program. It provides you with fun exercises, unique career ideas, and up-to-date information on how to find a good job fit. You won’t get that by taking a test online!
  • Can this program work if I struggle with networking?
    Yes! This program teaches a low stress, low pressure, authentic approach to networking. With a bit of learning, practice and courage, you'll learn how to connect with other professionals who can help you gain career clarity, without feeling like you need to be an expert at it.
  • How does this program compare to other ones out there?
    This program is a top choice for its quality, structure, and affordability. It offers a structured schedule of sessions that have been empirically developed, battle-tested and refined through extensive client feedback. Unlike other programs which cost an average of $2000-3000, this program offers quality coaching at a much lower price.
  • Can we meet in-person instead of virtually?
    Initially, yes. While the program is optimized for virtual delivery, we can meet in Guelph during our initial sessions to build comfort and rapport before transitioning online.
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