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what to expect

Personalized Coaching


I provide clients with personalized coaching on a wide variety of topics related to their career development! This includes:


  • Career clarity, career change and planning

  • Job search strategies

  • Resume coaching

  • Job interview success


I use a collaborative, solution-focused approach to coaching that harnesses your unique strengths and empowers you to discover the occupations that fit with who you are!

The Intake Process


Our first introductory session involves 1-hour of thorough intake. This enables us to explore the details of your current situation, assess your specific career needs, discuss coaching plan options, and collaborate on any customization you may need. 

Coaching Plans

A coaching plan consists of multiple sessions that are bundled together as a packageYour plan can consist of a pre-designed package (such as the ones already advertised on this website) or it can be created with your unique circumstances in mind.  It's up to you. Your plan is designed during the intake process, and once it meets with your approval, we proceed with scheduling your first package session.

Your coaching plan will:

  • Provide you with focus, so that you can achieve lasting results within a specific time-frame

  • Equip you with a systematic set of skills for navigating your career change needs

  • Enable you to build on what you've learned from earlier sessions

  • Provide you with career management skills for overcoming challenges in the future

​From my years of experience, clients have found that coaching plans are superior for achieving positive growth, accountability, and lasting impact. Typically, clients meet with me for 5-7 sessions over several weeks or months. I do not normally conduct one-off sessions with clients.

Fees and Payment


My rates for packages vary depending on the specific outcomes you want to achieve, but my standard fee for 1-hour of coaching is $100 CAD. This fee also applies to the intake process that occurs before package sessions commence. I normally accept e-transfers and credit cards (payable online) as valid forms of payment, but e-transfers are preferred. For compassionate reasons, I offer rate reductions based on a sliding scale to clients in significant financial need. 

Benefits and Coverage

While career coaching and career counseling services are typically not covered under standard benefits packages, there are rare exceptions. I encourage you to check with your provider, and regardless of coverage, I am here to support you as you navigate your next career steps.

Contact Me

If you’d like to inquire more about my services, please contact me through my website here. I'd be happy to help!

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