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Showcase Your Best Accomplishments At The Top Of Your Resume

I have to admit. I generally prefer resume formats that highlight the applicant’s best accomplishments at the top. Why? Because you only have 10-15 seconds to convince the hiring manager to keep reading it! Otherwise, it gets thrown into the dreaded "forgotten" pile. Not fun. But also not necessary.

To prevent this from happening, it's important to transform your resume into a stellar advertisement that appeals to employers' needs and gets noticed right away. A great way to do this is to showcase your most relevant skills, experience, and accolades immediately beneath your resume header - in a section entitled "Summary of Skills." A summary section at the top ensures that the reader won't have to scan the entire document to figure out why you are a good fit. They can see it right away!

So remember: take the 10-second-rule seriously and reflect on what you want the hiring manager to see first. That way, your resume is much more likely to get their attention!

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