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Get Career Clarity Before You Job Search

The journey of getting career clarity

Ever stood at the dawn of a new day, looking down an open road, and felt the stir of possibility in your heart? That's the power of clarity, my friends.

As you gaze at the image above, think about your own career path: are you barreling down the highway without a destination in mind, or are you cruising with purpose, confident in the direction you're headed? If it's purpose you want, then clarity needs to come first. 🔍

What does this look like?

It means that before you dust off your resume or spruce up your LinkedIn profile, take a moment. Pause. Reflect. What ignites your passion? What skills do you want to use? What are the values you won't compromise? What is the impact you wish to have in your work? 🤔

These questions aren't just about titles and paychecks. They're about crafting a story where you're the protagonist in a plotline that brings purpose to you and others. ✨

Remember, every hero's journey starts with a clear vision. So, before you hit 'apply', ask yourself: "Do I have the clarity I need to make this job part of a story I want to be in?"

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