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Are You Questioning Your Career Direction?

Almost everyone experiences career pain at some point. You might experience it as:

  • An unhealthy workplace conflict that jeopardizes the career future you thought you had with your business colleagues

  • A health condition that reveals your need for very different work arrangements

  • A daily discontent with your employment that reminds you that you were made for something better

When career pain persists long enough, it forces us to question our direction in life and confronts us with the prospect of making a change.

It’s at points like this that we naturally ask ourselves: how best can I make a positive career move?


In my experience, the best answer to that question is: get clarity first.🔍 Clarity is the basis of any successful career move. Without it, your efforts are likely to fall flat.

Take job searching as an example: most people jump straight into job searching before getting crystal clear about the type of work they want. “Jumping in” feels like a quick win, but in the long-term you’re probably going to feel the pain of:

  • A confusing and inefficient job search prolonged by the fact that you aren't really sure what they want

  • Risking precious time and money preparing for a new role you aren't even sure you’ll like