Think Like An Employer

It takes a lot of work to look for a job! Trust me, I know how hard it can be. But it’s also hard for employers to figure out if you have the talent they need. So why not make it easier for them?

The best to make it easy for them is to appeal to their bottom line. In other words, "think like an employer" by connecting the dots - telling them exactly how you are going to give them what they want - as spelled out in the job description. Spell out exactly how you are going to save them time and money, increase sales, or make work more efficient for them.

Connect the dots for employers by telling them how you will meet their needs, as spelled out in the job description.

Appealing to their bottom line makes it easier for them to hire you because you’ve already done most of the “figuring out” for them. Simple, I know, but effective.

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