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Can A Video Resume Get You Hired?

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Many job seekers feel dissatisfied with the traditional process of applying for jobs. You know the drill: search online for job ads, tweak your resume, write a cover letter, then click send. That process can feel boring, formal and uncreative!

Of course, there is room to be creative in how you write up your application, but only so much of yourself can be conveyed through a text resume or even a portfolio containing samples of your work.

So is there a better way showcase creativity, authenticity and personality to the employers you want to work for?

There is! And that's where video resumes come in! [1]


A video resume is a dynamic way to introduce yourself to potential employers. It can benefit your job search by:

✳️ Adding personalization and enthusiasm to your application

✳️ Showcasing your communication skills verbally and visually, not just in writing

✳️ Differentiating you from other applicants who rely solely on traditional methods of writing job applications

Now, to be clear, a video resume is not a replacement for a well-crafted resume or cover letter. Rather, it is a supplement to your written application; an audio-visual introduction to who you are.

When done correctly, a video resume can boost your credibility and relatability during the early stages of the hiring process, making you a more competitive candidate.


But before you decide to hop on the ‘video resume bandwagon’, take some time to weigh the potential downsides:

✳️ Videos aren’t ideal for all job applications

✳️ They are time-consuming to make, so be sure it’s for an employer you really like!