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The Risks And Rewards of Personality Type Knowledge

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a useful tool for assessing your personality type and clarifying prospects for your next career move. The MBTI can shed light on your preferred job tasks, your ideal working conditions, and help you to understand why some occupations are a better fit for you than others.

But there are potential risks when using the MBTI for career change purposes. There is no guarantee that occupations most attractive to your type will be a great fit for you; neither is there a guarantee that the least attractive occupations will be a poor fit for you.

In other words, the MBTI only deals in probabilities, not certainties. And as a Career Coach, I would never tell you to reject a career path (say, engineering) just because it scored lower on your personality type results. You might face greater challenges when pursuing an engineering role, but you can still thrive as an engineer if you take special care to customize your job environment to suite your personality needs.

So remember: your personality type is not your destiny. It is not a box that confines you. And you can definitely operate outside of your basic personality type preferences! It just takes practice, effort, and some creative solutions to make unconventional career paths work out for you.

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