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Explore Career Ideas Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is today’s largest online professional network. It is a platform used by professionals to target jobs, advertise businesses, recruit talent, follow companies, and create strong online networks.

LinkedIn is especially helpful for your next career move because you can use the platform to study the career paths of other professionals with similar backgrounds. Professionals with these backgrounds may include alumni from a college you previously attended, specialists who’ve earned similar qualifications, or employees with related job histories. Because of these similarities, their profiles can shed light on future careers you hadn’t considered before or even reveal unconventional ways of pursuing those careers! Either way, LinkedIn is a great tool for generating career ideas that are consistent with your past education and employment.

If you don't already have a LinkedIn profile, don't worry. It’s fairly easy to set up one up. But it can be daunting at first to create a profile that accurately reflects your professional brand and is ready for the public eye. If that is the case, then reach out to a Career Coach for LinkedIn training as soon as possible. You can’t afford not to use LinkedIn to clarify your next career steps.

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