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Talk Description

"Have you ever struggled with people-pleasing, self-criticism, owning others’ problems, isolating, blaming others, or avoiding vulnerability? We all have these struggles to some degree, but more often than not, they are rooted in feelings of shame. Shame is part of the air we breathe and the culture we live in, but no one really wants to talk about it, and so it rarely gets addressed.

"In this talk, Thomas ends the silence by speaking openly about his own journey and by teaching you how to construct and implement a recovery strategy from the toxic effects of false shame – freeing you to feel more known and loved."

Presentation Outline:

Using videos, group discussion, and evidence-based curriculum, I explain how freedom from shame involves four crucial steps:

  • Identifying Shame – learning what shame is, its relation to guilt, and the common themes associated with people who struggle with shame.

  • Finding Causes – understanding the origins of shame and how it perpetuates itself through cycles of relating.

  • Facing Shame – setting up a healthy support network and regulating difficult emotions while developing shame resilience

  • Healing Shame – transforming the way you see yourself and seeking out healthy supports that affirm your inherent worthiness.

Target Audiences:

This presentation is ideal for organizations and community groups seeking to promote interpersonal wellness and leadership development as part of its overall vision for success. The presentation material is especially ideal for:

  • Non-profit organizations seeking to promote inclusion and reduce stigma for marginalized populations.

  • Business professionals, managers, and non-profit leaders wanting to lead others from a place of greater confidence and acceptance of themselves.

  • Employees desiring to improve their effectiveness in the workplace without succumbing to the perils of a performance-based identity or mindset.

  • High School and University students who struggle with unrealistic standards of body image, academic success, social status, or appearance.

  • Conference gatherings that promote life-enhancing values such as mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

This Talk Enables Participants To:
  • Understand the defining characteristics, sources, and cycles of shame

  • Discern and experience the benefits of shame resilience, including (1) greater satisfaction in relationships, (2) leading others on a full tank, rather than on empty, (3) improvements in communication, and (4) a more peaceful, accepting attitude toward oneself and others.

  • Learn how to implement an evidence-based strategy for walking through shame into a deeper sense of worthiness.

Topic Authority:
  • Five years of studying research-based interventions for overcoming shame. Sources include academic books, peer reviewed journals, and psycho-educational curriculum.

  • Four years of professional teaching, tutoring, and mentoring experience at L’Abri International – an study center located in Switzerland. Provided consistent, interactive learning experiences to students from over 20 countries by facilitating 280 group discussions. Directed students to published resources and practical tools for overcoming personal struggles related to shame, fear, anger, perfectionism, and identity.

  • Post-graduate career counselling training in strengths-based and hope-based interventions. These approaches enable clients to overcome the stigma related to unhelpful perceptions of work and employment.

Ideal Formats:

This presentation can be delivered as one talk, a half-day seminar, or a two-talk series on separate days. Longer formats are ideal for group discussion and audience participation, but the presentation can be shortened or lengthened to meet the specific needs of your audience.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in attending this talk or hosting one in your organization, please contact me. I’d be happy to discuss some next steps with you.


With his teaching, Thomas has done what we all yearned for but never thought possible: to talk about our shame without feeling ashamed.

I found Thomas to be well informed and relatable. He engaged the participants while validating interactivity …and I greatly valued his personal examples and vast knowledge.

In a time when I was unsure of my identity, and how to deal with the battle of perfectionism that robbed me for so long, I heard Thomas speak about overcoming shame. It was the key that opened the door for me to begin my journey to experiencing victory in my life again. It has been over 3 years since that seminar, and I credit it for sparking the change in my life that I so craved – one that has brought me to a place of peace, confidence, and joy

I appreciated Thomas’ ability to articulate himself with depth and reflection. His explanation of how shame cycles work was especially helpful.

“Great content! I found Thomas’ training to be a great way to enhance overall relationships!”

As the Executive Director of a community health organization, we recently hired Thomas to speak to a large group of our service users about overcoming the barriers of shame they face due to internalized stigma. Not only did Thomas provide expert advice, he also spoke with confidence and an authenticity drawing from his own story to provide our clients with empowerment opportunities and practical strategies for moving forward. I especially valued Thomas’ ability to engage with his audience. So if you are interested in having a guest speaker to at your organization or event on an emotional health topic, I would definitely recommend that you consider Thomas. He is genuinely interested in helping people and is a pleasure to work with." 

Tom Hammond, Executive Director, ARCH

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