the recipe for wise career decisions

Workshop Description

Many job seekers make career decisions without adequate information.  They decide on a path which “feels” right, but then find themselves in an unfulfilling job with mountains of debt from years of unnecessary education. 

Thankfully, there is a better approach. When it comes to career decisions, Thomas provides you with proven strategies for deepening your self-knowledge and targeting the careers that fit with who you are!  These strategies save you time and money, and ultimately lead to greater job satisfaction!

This Workshop Is Ideal For:
  • Business leaders, managers and employees who are thinking about a career change

  • High school and university students who are unsure about their next steps

  • Job veterans wanting greater fulfillment in their careers

This Workshop Helps With:
  • Lack of clarity about which career paths would be a great fit for you

  • Uncertainty about where to find trustworthy career information

  • Feeling stuck in a job you don’t like

This Workshop Enables Participants To:
  • Implement a 6-stage plan for making wise career decisions

  • Target the careers that best fit their unique skills, interests, values and goals

  • Collect the most up-to-date statistics about job options, work environments, salaries, and outlooks

  • Glean valuable career advice from the experts in their fields of interest

  • Feel more confident about the next steps to take in their career journeys

This Workshop Includes:
  • Fun exercises for decoding your core values, interests, skills, and goals

  • Success stories and personal anecdotes about how Thomas found career clarity

  • Custom designed handouts for participants

Ideal Formats:

This workshop can be delivered as a 1-hour workshop or a 2-hour seminar. A longer format is ideal for group discussion and audience participation, but formats can be shortened or lengthened to meet the specific needs of your audience!

Next Steps:

If you are interested in attending this workshop or hosting one in your organization, please contact me. I’d be happy to discuss some next steps with you.

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