managing conflict in your relationships

Talk Description

"We all want healthy relationships with family, friends and coworkers.  But sometimes we create stress in those relationships by managing conflict in unhelpful ways. So how can we improve?

"This talk sheds new light on conflict by providing us with effective strategies for listening, speaking, problem-solving, repairing, and boundary-setting during conflict. By using these strategies, we learn to build safe, rewarding connections that respect individual differences."

This Talk Is Ideal For:
  • Leaders, supervisors, entrepreneurs, and employees who navigate difficult workplace conversations

  • High school and university students experiencing tension with classmates, housemates, or family

  • Spouses or partners wanting to improve how they communicate their feelings, needs, and requests.

Common Challenges This Talk Addresses:
  • Dealing with defensiveness and criticism

  • Keeping conversations on track

  • Time-outs and soothing difficult emotions

This Talk Enables Participants To:
  • Identify the pros and cons of the 5 most common conflict styles

  • Prepare for difficult conversations with a start-up plan

  • Harness the power of ownership to encourage openness in others

  • Draw out the feelings, needs, and concerns of others

  • Implement a 10-point strategy for addressing solvable conflicts

  • Employ a 5-point strategy for managing ongoing conflicts and “gridlock”

This Talk Includes:
  • A case study example of “gridlock” with discussion of solutions

  • Group exercises to promote experiential learning

  • Custom designed handouts for attendees

Ideal Formats:

This talk can be delivered as a one-hour presentation or a 2-3 hour half-day seminar – though longer formats are ideal for group discussion and audience participation. The format can be shortened or lengthened to meet the specific needs of your audience.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in attending this talk or hosting one in your organization, please contact me. I’d be happy to discuss some next steps with you.

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Thomas has been a huge asset to our 12-Step recovery community. Over the past 3 years, Thomas has spoken to 370 of our attendees struggling with their own hurts, addictive habits and hang-ups, and each time, he has left us feeling inspired to grow and change. It is not uncommon for attendees to approach me after Thomas speaks to comment on how his emotional health training has benefited them personally. So I would wholeheartedly endorse Thomas to speak to any recovery group, leadership gathering, or organization seeking lasting change in their community.

Brian Bulger, 12 Step Program Director

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