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Career Coach Guelph Ontario

Thomas has a calm, honest and self-confident way about him. He is exceptionally organized and clear in his presentation of ideas.  He is very emphatic towards people of different backgrounds and I discovered that there is hardly a viewpoint with which Thomas cannot resonate!  Overall, I would say that there are very few persons who have crossed my path in recent times whom I would recommend more than Thomas. I think extremely highly of him.

Simon Sav,

PhD. Candidate,

Cluj-Napoca, Romania +

Thomas’s exceptional teaching skills, coupled with an innate ability to assess the audience’s reactions in a calm and poised way, ensured that his talks were highly organized, clear, and accessible for students at all levels. Thomas encouraged us to voice our questions inquiries, provided indispensable feedback, and created an atmosphere of appreciation for different perspectives.

Career Coach Guelph Ontario

Thomas is a remarkable guy and has good communication abilities. He is an excellent teacher and has a keen interest to help students learn and to be better equipped for the life tasks they faced in the present and the future. I would hire him back in a minute.

Career Coach Guelph Ontario

I personally appreciate Thomas’s insight and wisdom. He is able to engage with people from many different cultures and seeks to understand people well in order to best encourage them in meaningful ways. He is gracious in receiving questions and feedback and he encourages questions related to the material he has prepared. I have no hesitation in recommending Thomas as a valued speaker.

Career Coach Guelph Ontario

Thomas does a great job of keeping his group on topic and asking good questions to drive the conversation forward. He brings good intelligent thought from outside sources to the conversation… and whenever I’ve had a conversation with him, I’ve always walked away feeling like something had been accomplished.

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Tel: 519-224-1620

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