how to write a stellar resume

Workshop Description

Most people write their resumes from a job-seeker’s perspective by emphasizing how skilled and experienced they are. But the truth is, employers want you to reflect their perspective by emphasizing how your skills and accomplishments actually fulfill their wants and needs.

When it comes to resume writing, Thomas is committed to teaching you how to transform your resume into a stellar advertisement that appeals to employers’ aims and conveys that you are valuable to their team.  Thomas’ unique writing tips also provide you with a solid foundation for showcasing your skills at career fairs, networking events, and job interviews.

Ideal Formats:

This workshop can be delivered as a 1-hour workshop or a 2-hour seminar. A longer format is ideal for group discussion, but formats can be shortened or lengthened to meet the specific needs of your audience!

Next Steps:

If you are interested in attending this workshop or hosting one in your organization, please contact me. I’d be happy to discuss some next steps with you.

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