free to be me - the  5 habits of authenticity

Talk Description

"It is hard to be true to ourselves. There is constant pressure from society, the media, family, and work to hide who we are and conform to unrealistic ideals like we must have it all together, look glamorous, impress our peers, be in control, or try harder to fit in. So is it any wonder that we struggle to be authentic with others?

"In this talk, Thomas talks openly about his own journey of authenticity and teaches the '5 habits' that enable people to consistently show up, be seen, and be themselves in the face of pressure to do otherwise. If you can relate to this struggle or desire to help others find freedom, then sign up for this workshop. It will transform how you relate to others and yourself!"

This Talk Is Ideal For:
  • Managers and professionals who want to lead others without compromising their personal integrity or values

  • Non-profit organizations seeking to promote inclusion and diversity, whether for employees or marginalized populations

  • Individuals wanting to develop their “inner voice,” break stereotypes, resist unrealistic ideals, or express greater creativity and personal style in their work

Talk Outline:

Using group exercises and evidence-based teaching curriculum, I explain what authenticity is and how it flows from five core habits that we can all learn to practice!

Clarity – uncovering the areas we want (or need to) be more authentic in

Courage – developing the strength to be ourselves when we are afraid

Community – creating the support and accountability we need to pursue and refine our ideals

Capacity – developing resilience for those times when others won’t accept us

Compassion – meeting ourselves and others with empathy

This Talk Enables Participants To:
  • Understand the crucial difference between authenticity and self-approval

  • Experience the benefits of authenticity, in terms of (1) freedom of expression, (2) feeling truly known, and (3) greater acceptance of others.

  • Identify their personal ideals, set goals, and be courageous in pursuing them.

  • Harness the power of community when taking the risks of being authentic

  • Learn to tolerate and accept the distress that comes with not being accepted

  • Accept, validate, share, and reality check their emotions as they practice the habits of authenticity

This Talk Includes:
  • An explanation of the relationship between anger and empathy

  • Group discussions and exercises to promote experiential learning

  • Custom-designed color handouts for attendees

Ideal Formats:

This presentation can be delivered as one talk, a half-day seminar, or a two-talk series on separate days. Longer formats are ideal for group discussion and audience participation, but the presentation can be shortened or lengthened to meet the specific needs of your audience.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in attending this talk or hosting one in your organization, please contact me. I’d be happy to discuss some next steps with you.

Related Talks:

Thomas’ heart and passion for people and their well-being are immediately evident when he speaks. As a youth leader and mentor myself, I had the pleasure of seeing Thomas relate to 70 young people on the topic of emotional health and his insightful strategies for dealing with anger, fear and shame. I’d definitely recommend him to any student group interested in pursuing emotional and mental well-being.

Bryan Brubacher, Civil Engineering Student, University of Waterloo, Ontario

Thomas is amazing at conveying clear and concise truth and wisdom. I like how engaging and thought-provoking his speaking is.

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