conquering the fears that hold us back

Talk Description

"We all struggle with fear at times, especially when our safety, status, or relationships feel threatened.  Fear can be healthy and natural, but it can also hold us back. So how can we face our fears without feeling overwhelmed?

"This talk distinguishes between healthy and unhealthy fear, and teaches us how to regulate fear so that we can overcome it. By conquering our fears, we experience greater confidence in ourselves and our relationships."

This Talk Is Ideal For:

  • Leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and employees who sense that fear may be impacting their personal growth and influence

  • Parents, graduates, and students who want to develop greater confidence and courage in their careers and relationships

  • Individuals who support colleagues, family, or friends who struggle with fear; helping professionals who need courage to support themselves as well as others

Common Challenges This Talk Addresses:


  • Numbing fear through apathy and isolation

  • Denying fear through idealism

  • Shielding against fear through control or invulnerability

  • Self-doubt and over-preparing

This Talk Enables Participants To:

  • Understand the role of fear in practicing courage

  • Grasp the difference between healthy and unhealthy fear

  • Appreciate the supportive role of community in practicing courage

  • Develop the skills needed to recognize, regulate, evaluate, and face fear

  • Apply fear-busting strategies to common situations like job interviews, public speaking, and perfectionism


This Talk Includes:

  • Group discussion and exercises to promote experiential learning

  • Custom designed color handouts for attendees

Ideal Formats:

This presentation can be delivered as 1-hour talk or a 2-3 hour/half-day seminar. Longer formats are ideal for group discussion and audience participation, but the presentation can be shortened or lengthened to meet the specific needs of your audience.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in attending this talk or hosting one in your organization, please contact me. I’d be happy to discuss some next steps with you.

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I have had the pleasure of seeing Thomas present his seminars many times, and find them to be very clear, insightful and motivating. His content encourages people to transform their lives, and is both profound and pragmatic. If you’re looking for a speaker on emotional intelligence at your next conference or event, you won’t be disappointed if you hired Thomas!

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